About Us



Industry-Leading Rehab Marketing Professionals

MPA Rehab Marketing has provided high-quality marketing strategy and implementation to substance abuse treatment facilities since 2000. This almost two-decades of experience in the field gives us a unique veteran-level perspective on all of the issues involved in reaching out to and connecting with the population of substance abusers and their loved ones who desperately need the services you provide.

We have learned through real-world experience and quantitative analysis of various techniques and approaches what elements are critical to any successful rehab marketing strategy, and we have the skills to provide those elements at the highest levels of efficacy and cost-effectiveness.

A Consistent Team Of Experts

Throughout all of our years in rehab marketing, our core leadership team has remained constant, consisting of 3 key individuals who each focus on their own areas of expertise. Our CEO, Mary Pomerantz, takes the lead in strategic and creative planning and development. She is a hands-on leader who will work closely with you to craft an identity and a strategic plan for the marketing of your treatment facility that works within your allocated budget.

The search engine optimization and search engine marketing of your business will be overseen and continuously monitored and adjusted by Vice President Frank Pedalino. His careful attention and expertise will maximize the return on investment you see from all of your web-related content and campaigns.

Finally, all media negotiations and placement, from print advertising to billboards and radio and television advertising, will be personally attended to by Vice President Joe Remmett, whose decades of advertising and marketing experience enable him to identify the best media options to get your message heard.

A Dedicated Staff You Can Trust

Together, this highly-skilled and experienced leadership team will direct and oversee all of the professionals who will work on various aspects of your marketing strategy. From graphic designers to web developers, copywriters, videographers and bloggers – MPA Rehab Marketing has assembled an impressive group of talented professionals that will be dedicated to the success of your marketing strategy and, ultimately, your business. When you choose to partner with MPA Rehab Marketing, you can be confident that you have chosen the best combination of experience, expertise and value in the rehab marketing industry.

Unrivaled Expertise in Addiction Rehab Marketing

Working with MPA Rehab Marketing not only guarantees you a well-trained and passionate staff, but also nearly 20 years of real world understanding of the addiction rehab marketing landscape. We’ve worked with facilities of all sizes, various budget points and different advertising goals. We proudly stand behind our work, having guided some of the nation’s most successful addiction treatment facilities and managing budgets well north of $10 million.

Our combination of experience and expertise uniquely positions us as leaders in the addiction rehab marketing industry. Whether it’s creating imaginative advertising campaigns, producing television commercials, negotiating ad placements, making videos for the web, coordinating social media marketing or implementing SEO best practices, there’s very little that we have not done. If you’re ready to take your addiction rehab facility to the next level, we are ready to show you the way.