Business Tools

business tools

business tools

MPA Rehab Marketing offers a full range of business tools that help your organization to make informed decisions about your marketing objectives and guide more patients to your facility. Our business tools help your facility to realistically assess the effectiveness of your advertising strategy and learn how prospective patients and their loved ones search for rehab centers online.

Improving Marketing Analysis and Patient Engagement

Our business resources also allow your organization to interact with online visitors to assess their care needs. These tools can be critical in helping your facility bolster its patient count, develop best practices for online marketing and quickly adjust the trajectory of your online ad campaigns. MPA Rehab Marketing is one of the few agencies that offers such comprehensive analytical and business-improvement tools.



Effective Google AdWords campaigns are a cornerstone of strategic online marketing and drastically improve your organization’s visibility on major search engines. By anticipating what terms or “keywords” prospective patients and their loved ones utilize when searching for treatment facilities, you can position your facility to appear at the top of the online search hierarchy.

MPA Rehab Marketing has developed game-changing AdWords campaigns for our clients, dramatically increasing their patient count as a result. The development, implementation and tracking of AdWords campaigns are among our biggest strengths.


Call Tracking

You can’t get the most bang for your buck without understanding where your clients are coming from. Call tracking metrics provide detailed information about the phone calls your addiction facility receives, most importantly, detailing where the calls originated.

When using multiple advertising platforms, as many of our clients do, it’s very helpful to know which advertisements convinced people to take action and which ones had little impact. This knowledge will allow you to determine what’s working and what’s not. It may be that a particular message is resonating with your audience or that one medium or another is more effective at reaching your demographic. We use call tracking metrics with all of our addiction rehab clients to ensure maximum return on investment.


Lead Generation

Once you’ve succeeded in generating visitor interest in your services, how exactly do you go about securing conversion from visitor to patient? MPA Rehab Marketing can integrate customized lead generation tools, such as interactive contact and admission forms and designated optimized landing pages where you can easily collect important patient information, such as names, email addresses and phone numbers. Our lead generation services help you establish a preliminary relationship with prospective patients and can lay the groundwork admission into your facility.


Conversion Tracking

So how do you know if your online marketing efforts are really working? Better yet, how do you know what to adjust simply by examining your weekly patient census? MPA Rehab Marketing offers conversion tracking services that give you a detailed roadmap of visitor behavior, allowing you to see what aspects of your internet marketing are working and which ones could use improvement. We can give you detailed reports illustrating each visitor’s search and navigation patterns and their course of action after they visit your site or click your online ads.


Analytics Dashboard

Analytics dashboards put your internet marketing analysis front and center and display real-time metrics regarding patient conversion, search patterns and browsing behavior. Analytics have become a critical part of understanding customer needs and are a wise investment for any rehab organization looking to maximize their ROI. MPA Rehab Marketing can help you identify the depth of analytics services your facility needs and develop a customized package that suits your patient outreach objectives.


Chat System

Live chat is one of the most viable and immediate methods of preliminary patient engagement. It puts website visitors directly in touch with a knowledgeable representative from your organization who can answer any questions about treatment and the admissions process. MPA Rehab Marketing can integrate live chat capabilities directly into your website so you establish a dialogue with patients and their loved ones and help them with their decision regarding where to seek treatment.