Effective and clear communications are an important aspect of any organization. They are especially important in addiction treatment due to the diverse and ever-changing nature of the field. MPA Rehab Marketing can assist your facility in developing attractive and engaging communications materials and help you integrate them into a comprehensive overall strategy. No matter who you need to reach, what you need to say or how you need to say it, we can help.

Helping You Get the Word Out

Our communications services help you to stay in touch with past patients, establish and maintain a dialogue with your staff and project a strong, positive public image. We have helped numerous clients fulfill all of their internal and external communications needs, whether you need to alert employees of an important change in company policy, craft and distribute a press release or reach out to alumni regarding upcoming events.



Organizations in the addiction care field are routinely experiencing noteworthy changes and accomplishments. Whether it’s the development of a new facility or treatment program, a significant breakthrough in clinical care, a partnership with a charity or even the successful treatment of high profile clients, our PR services help you announce new developments at your facility through multiple media outlets. We can also help manage your facility’s reputation and help you take advantage of prime media opportunities to discuss significant facility developments. Our public relations services can also have the value-added benefit of positioning certain members of your staff as authorities on addiction care, creating increased name-recognition and notoriety for your facility.


Corporate Communications

Your employees are the backbone of your organization. From the medical professionals who manage patient withdrawal to the admissions coordinators who guide patients into their programs, and the hospitality workers who ensure that patients are comfortable and taken care of, every employee should feel like they’re part of the team. Our corporate communications services help you stay in touch with your employees and immediately inform them of new organizational developments.

They are also a great way to maintain employee morale. We’ve developed a variety of corporate communications materials for our clients, from newsletters to email marketing campaigns to event invitations.



Whether you need quickly deliverable marketing materials for trade shows or professionally designed invitations for internal gatherings, MPA Rehab Marketing can help you make sure your events are organized and well-attended. We will help build and manage your attendee list, design attractive communications materials to promote the event and can even help with sorting out the logistics. We have helped numerous clients coordinate a variety of events such as alumni gatherings and fundraisers.


Orientation Videos

No matter how well a job you’ve done of making patients comfortable during the admissions process, they will undoubtedly be agitated and apprehensive during their initial transition into treatment. MPA Rehab Marketing can help you produce hard-hitting and empathetic orientation videos to give patients a complete and accurate picture of the treatment experience at your facility. These videos should establish the guidelines of patient care at your facility, while letting patients know of their rights and responsibilities and exhibiting that they are going to be well taken care of. We will develop, produce, edit and place the video, so all your organization has to do is discuss your services and policies and project a sensitive and compassionate demeanor.


Alumni Websites

MPA Rehab Marketing can preserve the bond that your alumni have developed with your facility and each other through an interactive website where they maintain contact and support one another during their lifelong recovery process. Through features like username and password protection, personalized profiles and blogs, private messaging and the ability to search for fellow patients, our alumni websites provide former patients a safe, discrete and non-judgmental forum to discuss their progress and lean on like-minded people in the recovery community.