Content Creation

content creation

content creation

Our creative professionals specialize in producing eye-catching, jump off the screen content that engages audiences and incites action. Some of our best examples include award-winning videos and infographics, highly researched blogs and articles, and influential eBooks.


The art of telling a story with a mixture of images, graphics and just a few words has never been more important. Today’s audiences have dwindling attention spans and no time to waste. You need infographics that make an immediate impact and easily convey your message. Our award winning creative team of copywriters and artists work diligently to develop infographics and other visual content that will educate, captivate and motivate.


We enjoy using making animated commercials to help our clients differentiate themselves and standout from their competitors. Animated commercials require out-of-the-box thinking, tremendous imagination, sharp script writing and mastery of several types of software. This is part of the edge that MPA Rehab Marketing will bring to your facility.



Commercials are still among the most powerful forms of marketing available. When television is combined with the Internet, the right commercial can reach tens of thousands of people, including targeted demographics based on gender, age, location, interests and income. Our rehab clients trust our ad placement specialists and creative marketing professionals to conceptualize and produce impactful commercials and negotiate ideal airing times and platforms to reach their target audiences.


Although the world has gone digital, the value of print marketing material cannot be overstated. The right imagery and wording on a brochure can make a lasting impact that is unlike anything you will experience online. We have created dozens of brochures, posters, sell sheets and other forms of print marketing to help our rehab clients make deeper connections with potential patients.



Establishing an online identity and building industry authority are absolute musts in today’s advertising landscape. A well-researched, written and designed eBook will build your brand, strengthen your online reputation and increase your organization’s clout. We are prepared to assist you in any way with the creation of one or more eBooks. Our team can act in an advisory role, help you promote it or coordinate the entire process.


Banner advertising is a staple of digital marketing and a necessity for businesses looking for impactful Internet advertising initiatives. But with so many banners and pop up ads littered across the web, it’s not enough to just create web banners – you need banners that will resonate with your audience. We combine sharp copy with engaging designs to maximize the impact of our clients’ web banner advertisements.

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It’s almost unheard of for modern websites to not have a blog. In addition to helping with search rankings, blogs also build brand awareness and industry authority. Unfortunately, many rehab owners and directors are too busy running their facilities to put the proper time and research into creating a blog. That’s where we come in. We create well-researched blogs of varying sizes, filled with infographics, citations and relevant images. In addition, we make sure each blog is SEO friendly so that it acts as a sales funnel for your facility.