Rehab Branding



It’s important that patients and their loved ones get an immediate sense of your facility’s personality. Treatment is a time-sensitive matter and you want to make sure that you connect with your prospective patients right away. Our rehab branding services can help your facility realize its full marketing potential as a reliable, cutting-edge and compassionate treatment center.

Developing Your Facility’s Identity

We start by exploring your facility’s notable distinctions (high patient success rates, world-class staff and specialists, in-house research department, etc.). We then utilize our experience and resources to integrate these points into a cohesive brand that projects strength, legitimacy and quality and makes an immediate impact. With the extensive inventory of treatment facilities lobbying for patient enrollment, it’s critical that you set yourself apart, for the sake of your patients as well as your organization’s long-term health.



Our rehab branding services help your facility develop a strong, distinct and clearly defined personality. We will help you identify the strongest aspects of your services and bring them to life with a full menu of creative and marketing services, including an attractive logo and a hard-hitting tagline. Our design team will also help you develop visual and textual identity guidelines that you can implement throughout all of your subsequent marketing. We are committed to helping your facility position itself to stand out from the herd.



Re-branding is ideal for illustrating notable organizational changes, such as a shift in clinical treatment focus, the opening of a new facility or a partnership with a new organization. At MPA Rehab Marketing, we are experts at helping our clients reshape themselves to whatever degree they desire, while still maintaining their name recognition. We realize the importance of preserving your organization’s legacy of treatment and can even integrate its rich history into your new branding.



Let’s say your organization is on the cutting-edge of medical withdrawal management or has developed a one-of-a-kind internal treatment modality that’s yielded outstanding patient outcomes; this one distinction can help you stand out from competitors. At MPA Rehab Marketing, our services branding options are ideal for addiction care facilities that excel within certain areas of patient care or, better yet, offer services that few or no other facilities provide.

Our marketing professionals can help you develop a specialized identity for any given rehab service, while our media negotiation professionals ensure you have an expansive yet focused forum to tout your expertise.



Whether your organization is comprised of a stand-alone facility or a group of specialized treatment centers, our facilities branding services can help each one of your locations establish their own identity based on the services they offer as well as other variables. Facilities branding is particularly advantageous to organizations that offer different areas of specialization across multiple locations. We can help you define the personality of each facility and punctuate their specialty services through a variety of marketing tools, while tying each of them as much or as little as you’d like to your parent company.


Brand Strategy

Let MPA Rehab Marketing help you develop a brand strategy that coincides with your organization’s goals and values. A cohesive and clear brand strategy should be directly linked to your facility’s strengths, services and resources and should tie into the specialized care that you can offer your patients. We are experts at helping you integrate your organizational and clinical strengths into a fully formed, multifaceted advertising campaign. MPA Rehab Marketing works hard to preserve the integrity of your brand while helping you connect with new patients.