Rehab Marketing



MPA Rehab Marketing offers uniquely specialized addiction care advertising expertise, as well as the creative resources to bring your campaigns to life. We are fully equipped to fulfill all of your rehab marketing and media needs, whether you want to create and air a new TV commercial, need a quick radio ad for an upcoming event or need a new website for your facility.

The Resources and Creativity to Help You Connect with Patients

A fully developed multimedia ad campaign enables you to reach out to patients through a variety of venues, while helping to solidify your organization as a key player in the addiction care industry. Our in-house creative professionals and media negotiation experts can ensure attractive, hard-hitting and strategically placed marketing so you can maximize your patient outreach.



The first place a prospective patient or their loved one is likely to search for your facility is on the Internet. An attractive, professionally designed website is instrumental in keeping a visitor’s interest and ultimately converting them into a patient. Our web design and development professionals can create a beautiful, informative and engaging site through which patients can learn about your services, get a sense of the treatment experience at your facility and even begin the enrollment process. If your organization has multiple umbrella facilities, we can also design specialized sites for each one. Our websites are designed using an easy-to-use content management system, which makes it easy for your organization to make quick updates in real-time. Our sites also incorporate responsive design so they can be easily viewed on mobile devices. We can also integrate live chat and interactive admissions forms to expedite patient conversion.



Microsites were practically made for rehab marketing and can dovetail perfectly with the diverse and ever-expanding nature of your organization. Ideal for advertising a specialized treatment program or service, microsites can occupy their own Internet real estate so patients can get the information they need without having to navigate your entire site. We can help you design an attractive and concise microsite with its own response resources and personalized SEO for quick patient access. We can also create microsites for different locations and umbrella facilities within your organization.



TV and radio commercials are still among the most effective and hardest hitting resources in advertising. They have a unique ability to instantly connect with patients and their loved ones looking for treatment. It’s important that your TV and radio ads project legitimacy and capability. Our creative professionals will help you storyboard, script and produce your ads while our media placement professionals ensure they hit the right markets.


Marketing Videos

Think of marketing videos as an extended television commercial. They possess enormous potential in helping you properly convey the treatment experience at your location and why patients should choose your organization. They are also a wonderful opportunity to tell your facility’s story.  MPA Rehab Marketing can develop, produce and edit your marketing video and strategically integrate it into your existing website. We will help you craft your message to develop a video that speaks directly to patients and their loved ones, incorporating elements such as staff interviews, success stories and attractive footage of your facility.



Animation has become an increasingly popular tool in both digital and traditional advertising. It’s a successful marketing element because it’s memorable, entertaining, visually stimulating and promotes brand awareness. Using animation in your commercial also often saves you from having to hire actors, and it lowers production costs. The creative staff at MPA Rehab Marketing has created award-winning animations for our addiction rehab clients, and we can do the same for you.

Animation is a great way to add some light-heartedness to subjects as serious as addiction and rehab. It’s also something that not many other addiction rehab facilities are doing, so it represents an opportunity for you to further stand out from the crowd.


Online Broadcasting

New media such as a podcast and web series presents a prime opportunity for your organization to position itself as an addiction treatment authority. Online broadcasting is a chance for your facility to provide invaluable insight to the recovery community and let patients know that you are on the cutting edge of mental health. MPA Rehab Marketing can help your organization develop regular episodic series in any applicable media. We will film and edit the episodes and assist with placement in the appropriate venues, including your website or social media channels. Online broadcasting can also be a great way to stay connected with your alumni community and display the expertise of your staff by featuring them in episodes.



Informational eBooks are ideal for demonstrating your staff’s expertise in various areas of addiction treatment and mental health. Depending upon your desired level of involvement, MPA Rehab Marketing can synthesize your internal research into a user-friendly, easy-to-understand book for patients and their loved ones, or just format your existing manuscript for integration into your site. We will design an attractive wrapping and ensure that it can be read on all mobile devices. eBooks are becoming an increasingly utilized resource in rehab marketing.




MPA Rehab Marketing has designed our clients’ attractive and engaging print projects for a variety of uses. Whether you need a full-page display ad for a newspaper or trade magazine, a marketing brochure for potential patients, a direct mail postcard or even a banner for a booth at trade shows, we can deliver a professionally designed, eye-catching product. We can also create billboards, transit posters and various other outdoor print marketing that immediately connects and resonates with patients and their loved ones.


Media Placement

In addition to offering a full menu of creative design and production services, MPA Rehab Marketing can also provide strategic and cost-effective media placement to ensure your advertising hits the mark and delivers the highest possible ROI. Throughout our years of rehab marketing expertise, we have developed ongoing relationships with quality and reputable specialty publications and websites focusing on addiction care, as well as print and online media outlets throughout the country. Our media placement services allow you to get the most out of your marketing budget while helping you reach out to new patient populations that may have been previously inaccessible.