People Are Most Likely to Seek Addiction Treatment After Holidays

Picture of a decorated Christmas tree.

Recent research from Recovery Brands, an online source for people seeking information about addiction treatment, found that people are most likely to seek help for substance abuse after major holidays. This is according to the company’s online analytics from its flagship website,

These findings confirm multiple things. First, it shows that the holidays can be especially vulnerable periods to people who have trouble controlling their substance abuse. Second, it shows that holiday stress can trigger substance abusing habits. Third, the fact that these searches extend to holidays like Labor Day and Fourth of July, indicates that people may be reaching out during low points, like hangovers, comedowns or explosive arguments following family gatherings.

For addiction treatment providers, these findings may represent better marketing opportunities to reach the people who need your services most at a time they will be looking for them.

“Instead of blindly promoting their materials, treatment providers can tailor their messaging to fit the needs of those searching for help,” said Kelsey Galles of Recovery Brands. “After a holiday, they should share information that caters to individuals who are mid-funnel in their purchase journey — in other words, they should provide materials to help individuals narrow down their treatment options.”