Rehab Review Sites Linked to Rehabs They Promote

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With more people than ever struggling with addiction, and more people than ever seeking treatment, it’s quite natural for people to read online reviews to find objective information about different rehabs. The problem is that many rehab review sites are not as objective as you may believe. An investigation by The Verge found that several popular publications that cover addiction and treatment are also marketing fronts for treatment centers.

  • Rehab Reviews and The Fix are owned by Cliffside Malibu founder Richard Taite
  • Addiction Unscripted is owned and staffed by the CEO of Windward Way

The Fix is a popular addiction-focused website that writes feature stories and covers current events within the industry. After opening in 2011, the company declared bankruptcy two years later and was then purchased by Clean & Sober Media, LLC, which also owns Rehab Reviews.

It’s no secret that rehabs and rehab review and referral sites are often connected. However, this can be extremely misleading for people looking for the best treatment, as there is often no indication of any connection, and the sites operate under the guise of objectivity. The phone number on The Fix and Rehab Reviews routes callers to Services Industries, a “network of commonly owned rehabilitation service providers,” though it does not indicate which rehabs are in the network.

It should come as no surprise that Cliffside Malibu is consistently ranked as the top treatment center in the nation on Rehab Reviews and is given prominent placement on The Fix. Also no coincidence, Taite owns Access Malibu, Sunset Malibu and Recovery Malibu (all of which are listed in the top 10 rehabs on Rehab Reviews.

This is just a small example of some of the shady practices employed by people in the addiction rehab industry.

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The Verge