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There are constantly new developments and stories within the world of addiction recovery. You can rely on MPA Rehab Marketing to keep you up to date with the important happenings in the industry. If it’s happening within the addiction and recovery industry, you’ll likely find out about it here.

A picture of a "welcome to Pennsylvania" sign, where a state of emergency has been called due to opioids.

PA is Eighth State to Declare State of Emergency over Opioids

On Wednesday, January 10, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf declared a state of emergency due to the ongoing heroin and opioids addiction crisis in the state. In doing so, Pennsylvania became the eighth state in the nation to take this step. Normally reserved for the aftermath of a natural disaster, the declaration of a state of…

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Picture of someone holding a video game controller, signifying a gaming addiction.

WHO Classifies Gaming Addiction as Mental Disorder

Much to the dismay of avid video gamers around the world, the World Health Organization has classified gaming addiction as a mental health condition for the first time. Gaming disorder was included in the 11th International Classification of Diseases. Many countries around the globe have already identified chronic gaming as a public health condition, prior…

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A picture of foods that should be included in a meal with high nutrition.

Researchers Say Nutrition Therapy is Key to Rehab Success

When a person is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, it’s quite common for him or her to also have poor nutrition and eating habits. In many addiction rehab facilities, nutrition education is part of the recovery program, which is something that researchers have recently found to be extremely helpful to long-term success. A team…

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Picture of a decorated Christmas tree.

People Are Most Likely to Seek Addiction Treatment After Holidays

Recent research from Recovery Brands, an online source for people seeking information about addiction treatment, found that people are most likely to seek help for substance abuse after major holidays. This is according to the company’s online analytics from its flagship website, These findings confirm multiple things. First, it shows that the holidays can…

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A picture of a scientist performing an experiment.

Could Gene Therapy Help Defeat Meth Addiction?

For many years, scientists have been experimenting with gene therapy as a way to treat genetic diseases and cancer. Now this DNA-altering process may be a viable option for treating meth addiction by blocking the high that the drug produces. A team of researchers at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences have packaged a…

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Picture of a woman who needs substance abuse treatment.

Substance Abuse Treatment Market to Top $12.43 billion by 2024

A recently published report by Transparent Market Research (TMR) provides an exhaustive study of the U.S. substance abuse treatment market. The study, which showed that the treatment market was valued at $4.42 billion in 2015, projected that the industry would grow to $12.43 billion over the next seven years. According to the report, outpatient treatment…

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Picture of white pills spilling out of jar.

Medication Assisted Treatment is More Cost-Effective than Just Detox

A new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine and reported on by the Los Angeles Times found that using medications like methadone and buprenorphine during opioid treatment not only increases a person’s chances of getting sober, but is also more cost-effective than detox alone. Researchers found that using medications long-term rather than forcing…

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Picture of the word addiction in a dictionary.

Nearly Half of Americans Have Been Touched by Addiction

A new Pew survey revealed that nearly half of American adults have a close friend or family member who is or has been addicted to drugs. The survey was conducted in August of 2017 and showed that 46 percent of those questioned knew someone who had addiction troubles. There were no relevant statistical differences with…

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A picture of alcohol bottles and a glass.

NIAAA Creates Alcohol Treatment Navigator

In an effort to help people find adequate treatment for alcoholism, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) has created the Alcohol Treatment Navigator. According to the press release, it is a “comprehensive, yet easy-to-use tool to help individuals and their loved ones navigate the often-complicated process of choosing treatment for alcohol problems.”…

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Picture of a URL on a computer screen.

Rehab Review Sites Linked to Rehabs They Promote

With more people than ever struggling with addiction, and more people than ever seeking treatment, it’s quite natural for people to read online reviews to find objective information about different rehabs. The problem is that many rehab review sites are not as objective as you may believe. An investigation by The Verge found that several…

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