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We have learned a lot about addiction rehab marketing industry after nearly 20 years in the business. To help new addiction clinics, rehab centers with changing management and well-established facilities alike, we provide heavily researched blogs about important topics within the industry. We are thankful that we can share our knowledge and hopeful that it will be of use to your addiction rehab facility.

A picture of a father, mother and daughter, representing an addiction rehab alumni back at home.

The Importance of Marketing to Addiction Rehab Alumni

Your marketing plan is likely focused on reaching new patients to fill your beds, and for good reason. New clients create extra revenue, which is exactly what your facility needs to succeed. You can’t possibly sustain your rehab without bringing in a steady stream of new patients. But don’t underestimate…

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close-up picture of fresh green leaves hanging from a tree

How to Market Addiction Rehab Without Being Insensitive

If you’re the owner of a nail salon, pizzeria or ice cream parlor, there’s almost no way for you to offend your audience unless you do something bizarre. But as an owner or director of an addiction rehab facility, you are dealing with extra delicate topics, and it’s very easy…

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photo of man typing on laptop with superimposed caption reading SEO: pay-per-click vs organic

Pay-Per-Click Vs. Organic SEO: Which is The Right Investment?

If you’ve just opened or rebranded your addiction rehab facility you may be unsure of which digital marketing strategy to invest in – pay per click or organic SEO. In short, your answer depends largely on your goals, budget and standing within the addiction rehab industry. Search engines will likely be among…

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Picture of a woman on a phone headset.

How to Get Your Phone Ringing More

Without a steady stream of patients, your addiction rehab facility is doomed to fail. Without your phone ringing regularly, it will be difficult to get that steady stream of clients your rehab needs. One of your initial missions when opening a new addiction care facility is to create a constant flow…

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Image of a woman enjoying freedom in a field.

Selecting the Right Images to Tell Your Rehab’s Story

Before anyone ever reads a word of copy on your website, brochures, sell sheets or any other marketing material, they will see your images first. The pictures you use to represent your addiction rehab facility will tell a subliminal story about you and create instant impressions with potential patients. What…

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Title graphic for blog on how competitive the addiction rehab industry is.

How Competitive is The Addiction Rehab Industry?

If you’re a brand-new addiction rehab owner or director, one of your initial concerns may be about the competitiveness of the industry. You want to know how your services and prices compare, how many facilities are in your area and the overall long-term viability of the industry. Depending on what…

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Picture of a laptop asking "what is a landing page?"

What is a Landing Page and How Do They Help?

A great website is equipped with multiple tools to help convert browsers into customers. While most everyone understands what a home page is, why a contact form is important and the usefulness of live chat boxes, the concept of a landing page is not as well understood. This blog will…

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A woman at a desk working on marketing material.

Have You Reviewed Your Marketing Material?

Virtually every company in nearly every type of business needs literature for current and prospective clients. This literature strengthens your brand identity, increases your industry authority, educates your demographic and offers a catalogue of your services. It’s extremely important for addiction rehab facilities to have up-to-date, professionally designed marketing material…

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A picture of a billboard asking if there is a place for traditional advertising in rehab.

Is There Still a Place for Traditional Advertising in Rehab?

Business owners and marketing executives from all industries may run into a bit of a quandary when planning their marketing strategies and allotting their budgets: do you go all in on digital, or is there still some room for traditional advertising? For addiction rehab owners and directors, this dilemma may…

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illustration of confused looking man with a question mark over his head

The Value of Niche Marketing in Addiction Rehab

There are thousands of addiction rehab centers throughout the United States, and as many as 10 percent of American adults report being in some form of recovery for substance or alcohol abuse. That’s a huge market for addiction rehab centers and plenty of competition to contend with. In the face…

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Picture of a rocket taking off from a book.

How to Maximize Your Advertising Budget

In the competitive addiction rehabilitation industry, a solid advertising strategy is essential if you want to stand out. After all, you can’t be there to help someone struggling with addiction if he or she has never heard of your facility. But how do you know where to allocate your ad…

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Illustration of video marketing.

Behold the Power of Video Marketing for Rehab Centers

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then there’s no accurate measure of what a video is worth. Billions of people all across the world watch hours upon hours of videos on an infinitely wide range of topics. You can literally find videos about virtually any topic you can…

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