How to Get Your Phone Ringing More

Picture of a woman on a phone headset.

Without a steady stream of patients, your addiction rehab facility is doomed to fail. Without your phone ringing regularly, it will be difficult to get that steady stream of clients your rehab needs. One of your initial missions when opening a new addiction care facility is to create a constant flow of high-quality leads. Most people aren’t likely to select your facility based on an Internet search alone. In the majority of situations, they will call first to ask for more information and perhaps set up a tour. If your phone is not ringing as often as you need it to, it may be time to change your approach.

The Forgotten Importance of Business Phone Calls

Infographic about the amount of Americans who own a phone. With so much focus on digital, paying attention to something as old-school as phone calls might seem weird. But consumers are not in just one place – they are all over. You may be able to reach them through emails, banner advertising and social media marketing, but they also want to be able to connect with you on the telephone to advance their piqued interest into an actual conversion. If you don’t have strategies pointing people to your phone, you may be missing out on some valuable business. Regardless of your digital marketing efforts, calls are still very important. Just consider these facts:

  • 92 percent of Americans adults own a cellphone and despite their many uses, people still use them to make calls[1] 
  • Most people prefer speaking to an actual person rather than filling out a lead form
  • According to a BIA/Kelsey report, 61 percent of businesses rate their inbound calls as “excellent leads”[2]
  • According to Google, 61 percent of mobile searchers describe phone calls as an important part of the buying process[3]
  • 47 percent of mobile searchers will find another brand if they don’t see a phone number in a company’s ads

The Art of Acquiring Quality Leads Through Phone Calls

Picture of workers at a call center. A telephone lead is incredibly valuable because it’s one of the only times you can interact with a live person who has interest in your rehab. When you promote your facility’s services and amenities through commercials, print advertisements, social media marketing, banner advertising or any other type of marketing, the only way you know if a person is truly interested in taking the next step is by him or her calling for more information.

This is why you have to make it easy for potential patients to call you, so you can convert quality leads into revenue. Take the following steps to get your phone ringing more often:

  1. Display phone numbers everywhere: Your facility’s number should be easily findable from any page on the website, not just hidden away in the footer. People with serious interest will likely want to call rather than fill out a lead form, and this will save you time from having to contact them later.
  2. Place phone numbers in your ads: Again, this gets back to people making calls when they are serious about a purchase. Even in your paid search advertising, while it’s nice to get things like high click-through rates, you will be better served by including a phone number as well.
  3. Use click-to-call buttons in mobile campaigns: You want to make it as easy as possible for your potential customers to call you. Including click-to-call functions on your mobile advertisements makes it as simple as pressing one button for patients to call you and immediately speak to one of your representatives.
  4. Phone Call Tracking: Using phone call tracking metrics, you can follow a caller’s journey to the phone call. You can find the exact keyword search or advertisement that led them to call you. This will give you extra insight to understand where your calls are coming from.
  5. Test Your Calls to Action: Something as simple as a change in font size or color of your listed phone number can lead to an increase in your phone calls. You should always be testing your calls to action, changing words and fonts here and there to see what gets the best results.
  6. Direct Mail: As outdated as it may seem to still be using paper, several studies have shown that direct mail campaigns lead to increases in overall business more so than any digital marketing efforts. Just consider how much success Chinese food stores and pizzerias have by simply mailing menus to homes in their area. Direct mail campaigns are almost certain to lead to an increase in your rehab’s phone calls.
  7. Directories: The more places you have your services and your phone number listed, the better chance that people will find you. Simply adding your phone number to relevant directories will likely boost your phone traffic.

Phone call volume is one of the top drivers of leads for any business. If your phones aren’t ringing constantly at your facility, there’s a good chance that you aren’t filling up your beds with any regularity either. Using our combination of experience and expertise, MPA Rehab Marketing is uniquely positioned to help increase your call volume and attract more patients to your facility. Please call 732-214-9600 to discuss your organizational goals and how we can help you achieve them.