How to Maximize Your Advertising Budget

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In the competitive addiction rehabilitation industry, a solid advertising strategy is essential if you want to stand out. After all, you can’t be there to help someone struggling with addiction if he or she has never heard of your facility. But how do you know where to allocate your ad dollars? What will get you the most bang for your buck? In a world that spends billions of dollars on advertising each year, it’s time to look at your own advertising budget and determine the best way to maximize it.

Are You Spending Your Advertising Budget in the Right Place?

Maybe you put up a flashy billboard on the local interstate highway or ran a 30-second commercial on cable television. Or perhaps you ran one magazine ad or launched one direct-mail campaign. Have you seen any return on your investment? Were your efforts consistent? Maybe not. While traditional advertising still has its place for many businesses, addiction rehab is a different animal with a unique target audience. And the fact is, that audience is trying to find you online.

Infographic stating that people looking for addiction rehab will perform an online search first.

According to a study conducted by Recovery Brands, 77 percent of people seeking treatment would perform an online search to find information and third-party reviews about a rehab center they were considering. With this in mind, many addiction rehab facilities are putting the bulk of their ad spend in the digital space – and they’re seeing big results. Here are just a few ways you can maximize your advertising budget and minimize wasted effort.

Harness the Power of Word of Mouth

When it comes to advertising, nothing beats good, old-fashioned word of mouth. The fact is, we tend to trust the opinions and experiences of others much more than a scripted television commercial or marketing piece. In fact, according to research by Nielsen, 92 percent of people trust recommendations from friends and family more than all other forms of marketing. That’s why word of mouth has always been one of the strongest advertising strategies, especially for addiction rehab centers.

Infographic saying that people trust word of mouth more than any other type of advertising.


While the high-quality treatment your clients receive will speak for itself, today, word of mouth advertising includes:

  • Testimonials posted on your company website
  • Online reviews on Google, Yelp and industry-related sites
  • Social media posts and shares

The best part about word-of-mouth advertising is that it often costs nothing at all. You can facilitate it by simply asking each of your valued clients to provide a testimonial or post a review. You can further track the feedback by assigning someone on your staff the task of occasionally monitoring the feedback (known as reputation management). You can also work with a rehab marketing firm that specializes in managing your reputation with proven SEO methods that promote your company’s strengths, push up the positive reviews and bury any negative listings.

Get Social

Social media is one of the few advertising methods that has a low cost associated with high results. Almost 90 percent of marketers say their social advertising efforts have increased exposure for their business, and 75 percent say they’ve increased traffic to their website. This is largely because everyone is on social media these days. Not only is it a great way to connect with your past and future clients and their loved ones, but having profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can help establish you as a leader in the industry.

Infographic stating that 90 percent of marketers have benefited from social media.

Being active on social media also engages people with real-time communication, which in turn builds your brand. It helps convey your rehab center’s personality and gives your company a human voice that people can relate to. You can also answer questions promptly, manage or build your reputation and positively influence your admissions. You can generate significant results by:

  • Posting relevant and timely content of interest to your audience
  • Engaging with users that interact with your content
  • Updating your audience on news, events, the latest addiction research, and more

Publish Quality Content

Without question, the most effective and prevalent form of advertising in the addiction rehab industry is content marketing. This ever-important art of creating and distributing relevant and high-quality content is a proven way to attract, acquire and engage your target audience. People who seek addiction treatment are looking for all the information they can get. Your high-quality content can deliver a sense of industry expertise that instills confidence in your potential clients and keeps you connected to your past clients. Plus, search engines like Google and Bing prioritize treatment facilities with quality content on the search results pages.

Blog posts containing up to 2,000 words are the most common form of content marketing in the rehab industry, but you aren’t limited to these informative articles. There’s a whole world of content for you to leverage, including:

  • eBooks, Whitepapers and Research
  • Email Newsletters
  • How-To Guides
  • Imagery and Infographics
  • Presentations
  • Press Releases
  • Videos

Make the Most of Your Website

Chances are you already have a website, but are you making the most of it? A good business website is not just one that’s nice to look at. It is one that produces results that drive success through your business goals. Your website should include:

An Optimized Home Page - Your home page is like your storefront. It should deliver as much information as possible before the visitor has to scroll, while also not appearing too cluttered. You should answer what your business does, how you can help and why the user should stay on the website as simply and succinctly as possible. Contact information should also be visible and accessible.

Simple Navigation - Your website should have an intuitive flow that makes it easy for the visitor to find what he or she is looking for.

Responsive Design - Your site should automatically adjust its display for all devices, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones so that visitors can view and navigate the site easily no matter where they are.

Calls to Action - Every page of your website should contain a call to action, instructing visitors about the next steps (i.e. “Click here for more information,” “Contact Us Today,” etc.).

Your online advertising efforts will position you as the go-to resource and authority on addiction treatment. But you’ll make an even bigger impact with some professional advertising assistance. Because the drug and alcohol addiction rehab industry is a hyper-competitive space, you’re going to want a rehab marketing expert on your side.

At MPA Rehab Marketing, we’ll use over a decade of marketing experience in the behavioral healthcare industry to help you maximize your advertising budget. Our staff is well trained in creating individualized advertising initiatives that set addiction rehab organizations apart from their competitors. If you’re ready to stand out from the crowd and save some money in the process, contact us today at 732-214-9600.