Selecting the Right Images to Tell Your Rehab’s Story

Image of a woman enjoying freedom in a field.

Before anyone ever reads a word of copy on your website, brochures, sell sheets or any other marketing material, they will see your images first. The pictures you use to represent your addiction rehab facility will tell a subliminal story about you and create instant impressions with potential patients. What story are your images telling? Are they saying the things you want them to?

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Picture of a woman consoling a man. The human brain processes images much more quickly than it does words. This is obvious when you observe newborns and young children and how they understand the meaning behind certain photos long before they can speak or read. Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual.[1] This is also apparent in the way we read magazines and browse the web.

  • Articles with relevant images average 94 percent more views than articles without images
  • 60 percent of consumers who use online searches say they prefer businesses with listings that include images[2]
  • Photos on Facebook comprise 93 percent of the most engaging posts[3]
  • Presentations containing visual elements are 43 percent more effective at converting users to agree with their points of view.[4]
  • 46.1 percent of people say a website’s design is the number one criterion for discerning credibility of a company.[5]

When it comes to getting people to remember your message, you will be much more successful when using a photo or a visually appealing infographic, as opposed to using only text.

Selecting the Right Images for Your Rehab Facility

When you’re in the planning stages of your website or marketing material, it’s not easy to choose the right photos to convey the message you want. Finding good stock images takes considerable time, and having photos professionally taken may not yield the type of image you want. Then there’s infographics and illustrations, which take a mixture of creativity and skill that your staff may not possess.

Here are some helpful hints to selecting the right image:

Picture of a seal of approval. 1. Quality Above All Else: Using photos you took with your iPhone is not likely to give you the impactful images you’re looking for. You want large, high-resolution photos that will immediately capture attention.


Picture of arrow hitting bulls-eye.

2. Remain Brand Relevant: If you own an all-female addiction rehab clinic, then putting a picture of a middle-aged man on the front page of your brochure is not going to help you. Make sure your images are relevant to your demographic and your brand.


Picture of a flexed bicep. 3. Be Powerful: Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. You need a photo or image that immediately engages clients. The last thing you want is some vanilla picture that will not make any lasting impression.


Picture of three squares and a circle. 4. Be Unique: With over 14,000 addiction rehab facilities out there, you have some considerable competition. Using the generic picture of a person smiling or raising her arms in celebration is not going to help your facility standout. Be original. Be unique.


Illustration of a man and woman. 5. Use People: Some studies have shown that using photos of people will lead to an increase in sales and conversions. Much of your marketing is about creating trust as a brand, and we are all more trusting when we see photos of people.


6. Weave in Copy: Your images are sending a message to your potential patients, but adding some simple copy into the images will enhance this message and even create a subliminal call to action.


Picture of a heart. 7. Play on Emotions: People coming to your website, whether they are struggling with addiction or have a family member who is, are likely to be dealing with several emotions. Using photos to key in on these emotions is a great way to make a connection.


Picture of jagged arrow pointing down. 8. Don’t Be Lazy: You may not want to spend the time to scour through stock photos or free images, but this is a very important part of the process. Don’t just select the first photo that meets a minimum standard. Search, search and search some more. Be sure that you’re selecting the best of the best.


Picture of the lowercase letter I9. Give Information: When using infographics and illustrations, be sure that you aren’t using them as mere decorations. All of these types of images should deliver pertinent information.


Picture of a circle. 10. Keep it Simple: There should be no question about what your viewers should focus on when they see a photo. Try to keep it simple so as not to dilute or completely lose the message.


When in doubt, the best decision you can make is to trust experienced professionals to make these decisions for you. Your photos, graphics and illustrations have to hit the mark in order for you to succeed. MPA Rehab Marketing has nearly 20 years’ experience selecting and creating impactful images for addiction care facilities across the U.S. Trust our experience and expertise to guide your facility’s marketing in the right direction. Call us today at 732-214-9600 to learn more about how we can help.