Behold the Power of Video Marketing for Rehab Centers

Illustration of video marketing.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then there’s no accurate measure of what a video is worth. Billions of people all across the world watch hours upon hours of videos on an infinitely wide range of topics. You can literally find videos about virtually any topic you can imagine. Videos can be extremely useful for addiction rehab centers looking to market themselves.They can help build authority, offer support to patients and highlight rehab services, among many other things. If you are not using video marketing in your promotional efforts, it’s time give your marketing the boost it needs.

Video Marketing Is Bigger Than Ever Before

Whether it’s a new how-to video, a testimonial, an explainer video or any other kind, video marketing has grown to unimaginable heights and shows no signs of slowing any time soon. Here are some statistics to help illuminate the power of video marketing:[1],[2],[3],[4]

  • 55 percent of people watch online videos daily
  • People watch approximately 1 billion combined hours of video every day
  • 79 percent of consumers would rather watch a video to learn about a product than read
  • 84 percent of consumers have been convinced to make a purchase after watching a brand’s video
  • People spend nearly triple the amount of time on pages with video than those without
  • 76 percent of businesses said that video helped them increase website traffic

Infographic showing how video marketing influences people to make purchases.

So why has video suddenly jumped to the forefront of online marketing? First, because it’s fun. Watching a video can be very exciting, depending on the topic. Second, video makes it easier for people to digest information. Rather than reading hundreds or thousands of words about a topic, a 1-2 minute video sounds much more appealing to most. Lastly, it’s easier to make video than ever before. Nearly every phone has a video camera and nearly every computer has some sort of rudimentary video-editing software. All of these technologies have not only made it easier to create videos, but also easier to watch them too.

Using Video Marketing in Addiction Rehab

While you may not be able to create videos showing kittens playing with yarn or about how to make some fancy recipe, there are many ways you can use video marketing in your addiction rehab business. These videos will make your company look more professional and authoritative. Here are some examples of different types of video-marketing strategies you can use:

1. Testimonials: Very little matches the impact of video testimonials. You can turn your patients into brand ambassadors. Just look at the popularity of review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor and the influence that the customer text reviews have. Now multiply that by 10 – that’s how powerful a good video testimonial can be.A picture of someone giving a motivational speech.

2. Encouragement: This is an especially powerful tool for an addiction facility’s social media page or even on YouTube. People in recovery or those thinking about going to rehab are in constant need of reassurance and confidence. By posting positive videos, you can help your patient community thrive and serve as a resource for future potential clients.

3. Explain Services: With hundreds of addiction rehab centers scattered across the U.S., standing out is a difficult task. Including a 1-2 minute explainer video on your home page or anywhere online can help potential patients quickly learn more about your rehab center and what it offers. It will also make you look much more professional than sites without video.

4. Show Facilities: Another way that addiction rehab centers separate themselves from the crowd is through superior facilities. If you’ve got spacious rooms, waterfront views and impressive landscaping at your facility, it’s worth showing it off in a video.

5. Education: As much as people think they know about drugs, alcohol, addiction and recovery, it’s likely that you know more. Providing addiction education is an important service to the public and will improve your industry authority.

The Rules of Video Marketing

With video marketing being relatively young, many of the rules are still being written, broken and then rewritten. For starters, it’s important to remember who your audience is, what value you provide to them and to try to be exciting and different. You only have a few seconds to grab your potential clients’ attention,[5] so you need to make sure you make every second count. Here are some basic tips to guide you:

  • Be a Storyteller: People are inundated with sales advertisements, so much so that many instinctively block them out. Be different than the rest by centering your videos around stories rather than sales.
  • Don’t Drag On: The whole point of your video is to say a lot without taking up a bunch of time. Keeping your videos under two minutes is the best strategy. In many cases, shorter videos are more effective.
  • Quality Counts: Just because anyone can post a video using just their iPhone doesn’t mean it’s a good idea for your business. In most cases, the quality of your video denotes the quality of your organization.

Producing a high-quality video that converts traffic into clients is not easy. There are billions of videos available online, and you could find yourself lost in the shuffle. To give your video the best chance of being a successful marketing tool, it’s best to work with professional videographers, video editors and marketers who know what works and what doesn’t.

MPA Rehab Marketing has guided the advertising efforts for multiple addiction rehab centers and has extensive experience in video creation and marketing. We would be honored to work with you, your team and your patients to create videos that show all that your addiction rehab facility has to offer. We invite you to get started by contacting us at 732-214-9600.