Have You Reviewed Your Marketing Material?

A woman at a desk working on marketing material.

Virtually every company in nearly every type of business needs literature for current and prospective clients. This literature strengthens your brand identity, increases your industry authority, educates your demographic and offers a catalogue of your services. It’s extremely important for addiction rehab facilities to have up-to-date, professionally designed marketing material to showcase their facilities, services, values and professionalism. If you don’t have any marketing material to give to your patients, or you haven’t reviewed it in a while, it’s time to make it a priority.

Why Your Marketing Material Matters

If you’re skeptical about the need for high-quality marketing material, you aren’t alone. Business owners from all industries are always trying to save where they can, and it can be difficult to understand the tangible and intangible value of things like brochures, sell sheets, white papers and other types of print marketing material. But consider the following questions:

  • When prospective clients and families visit your facility, what will you give them to bring home to help them choose your rehab?
  • What will you give your graduating patients when they return home?
  • How will you remain in contact with your addiction rehab alumni?
  • How will you show your industry expertise?
  • Are your current marketing materials up to the challenge of converting today’s high-quality leads into tomorrow’s patients?

Although most modern computers come with software that will allow you to create some rudimentary print material, this is not an advisable approach. It’s extremely easy for people to discern the difference between professional and amateur design and copy. An amateur looking brochure will give the impression that your addiction rehab facility is not high-quality. Just consider the print material you find at your local doctor’s office. Imagine if it looked like something a grammar school student could design on her home computer.

Professionally designed print marketing materials have engaging, accurate and error-free copy. They also have high-quality photos, expertly created graphics and are printed on high-quality paper. Anything short of this will not reflect the level of professionalism that you want for your addiction rehab facility.

Your Options for Addiction Rehab Print Marketing Material

Although digital marketing has become more popular in recent years, the value of something tangible that a person doesn’t have to click on can’t be overstated. People are inundated with thousands of digital marketing messages every day and have begun to instinctively tune them out. Well-designed print marketing materials can make a much stronger impact on your potential and current clients.

Vector image of a brochure.

Brochures & Pamphlets

A professionally designed brochure or pamphlet is something you can give to current and prospective patients. For current patients, a pamphlet detailing what they can expect during rehab, an upcoming schedule of events, a layout of the facility and other pertinent information may make their stay at your facility more enjoyable. For prospective clients, a brochure discussing all that your facility has to offer will serve as a future reference for them when deciding which rehab to choose.

Vector image of a mailbox

Direct Mail

Addiction rehab facilities can use direct mail in multiple ways. The first is to raise local awareness about your facility and the services you offer. A second option is to reach out to alumni and check on their progress. This would be a great opportunity to send out a survey to see how you can improve your services and even solicit positive online reviews from your former patients. Another option is to mail out fliers advertising your services or an upcoming event to help raise awareness about drug abuse in your community.

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Decorating your addiction rehab center’s walls with posters that discuss addiction, recovery and how your facility can help represents a great brand building opportunity. These posters will be seen by your current patients and by families touring your facility trying to determine which rehab is right for their loved one.

Vector image of a fact sheet.

Fact Sheets

You are an expert on alcohol, drugs, addiction and rehab. A nicely designed and succinct fact sheet is an ideal way to show just how much you know and increase your industry authority. You can create fact sheets about dozens of different topics in your industry.

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Your alumni often become your greatest brand ambassadors, so it pays to stay in touch with them in any way you can. Send your former patients newsletters so they can keep up with what’s new in the addiction rehab industry, changes at your facility and any upcoming alumni events. By remaining in contact with your alumni, you enable them to continue building your brand through word of mouth.

You should resist the temptation to create your own marketing materials, as it’s likely that you don’t have the required time, experience, expertise or necessary software to give them the professional feel needed. MPA Rehab Marketing Services has created dozens of unique, branded and inspiring marketing materials to educate patients, reconnect with alumni and attract new clients. Call 732-214-9600 today so we can start getting to work on your marketing material.