MPA Rehab Marketing has worked with substance abuse treatment facilities since 2000, providing an extensive range of services to help them grow and succeed in an increasingly competitive industry. This experience gives us unique insights into the challenges and pitfalls of rehab marketing and the substance abuse treatment field as a whole. The perspective we have gained by working hand in hand with our substance abuse treatment clients over the years has enabled us to develop a diverse array of services with a proven track record of success. Each of these services acts as an essential element in an overall marketing strategy, designed to attract a specifically targeted audience and convert them into treatment clients and finally brand ambassadors for your substance abuse rehab facility. We invite you to review our services to see how MPA Rehab Marketing can craft an individual rehab marketing strategy that produces the best results for your organization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Although you may offer industry-leading addiction treatment and have an informative and engaging website, you’re not doing your potential clients any good if they can’t find you in search engine rankings. When individuals are looking for addiction help for themselves … Read More

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

MPA Rehab Marketing can provide your business with successful and cost-effective search engine marketing (or SEM) strategies and approaches to ensure that your website reaches the widest possible number of individuals who are seeking the substance treatment options you offer. … Read More

Web Design

When you partner with MPA Rehab Marketing, we will work with you to design our redesign your website with the explicit purpose to convert viewers into clients as quickly as possible. Our web design and development team has many years … Read More

Blog Publishing

One of the most important aspects of web-based marketing strategies from both an SEO and client engagement and conversion perspective is having a constant stream of compelling content that can drive individuals to your website and engage their attention … Read More


Active performance measurement is the key to long-term marketing success. The only true way to know what’s working and what’s not is to constantly track your analytic data. Without regularly monitoring your analytics, you risk wasting thousands of dollars on … Read More

Content Development

When you choose to work with MPA Rehab Marketing, you gain access to a diverse array of content development resources in addition to our web-related services. We can work with you to create a variety of materials that can help … Read More

Social Media

Social media marketing in the addiction recovery industry is more about building a brand, creating a voice and gaining trust than it is about attracting clients. While most people interested in addiction rehab services are not likely to make decisions … Read More

Content Marketing

Today’s advertising landscape has evolved past the traditional methods of the 20th century. Content marketing has become the cornerstone of modern advertising for businesses of all sizes and industries. Creating constant content allows addiction rehab centers to stay at the … Read More

TV & Radio

Despite the popularity of digital marketing, broadcast advertising through television and radio is still one of the most powerful ways to generate high-quality leads. Millions of people watch TV and listen to their radios every day. Our advertising experts will … Read More