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social media

Social media marketing in the addiction recovery industry is more about building a brand, creating a voice and gaining trust than it is about attracting clients. While most people interested in addiction rehab services are not likely to make decisions based on tweets or Facebook posts, your social media presence will indicate how powerful your brand is or isn’t. An addiction rehab facility with lots of social media followers is more likely to be trusted as an industry leader than one with little or no presence at all.

But effective social media marketing takes time and planning. MPA Rehab Marketing has extensive experience overseeing all aspects of our addiction rehab clients’ social media efforts, including initial page design, post creation and scheduling, analytics tracking and community building. We know what to post, when to post it and how to reach the most possible people.

The addiction recovery community is informed, passionate and enjoys sharing stories of success and hope. It would be wise for addiction rehab centers to tap into this highly fervent group. Social media gives your followers the power to grow your rehab center’s clout. The more followers you have, the more people will see and share your content. As this cycle continues, your website will get more traffic and your brand will gain more recognition.

That’s the power of effective social media marketing. With billions of people on Facebook and Twitter, it represents an amazing opportunity but also a complex challenge. You want to provide engaging and informative posts without being insensitive about a very delicate subject matter. Our specialists have perfected this balancing act and will use social media to help your rehab center build its brand, gain relevance and create a unique voice.